Traje de baño Print Constelaciones

$50.000 CLP
$42.500 CLP

Constellations - Classic type full bathing suit

Only on request, preparation time 15 business days.

Rounded front, high rounded back

Narrow fit in the back.

Apart from the sizes we have 3 available highs:

Short: for very low girls!
Medium or standard: if you measure between 1.60 to 1.65 approx,
Long: for very tall girls who usually have problems with the shots of swimsuits.
These lengths correspond to the distance from your shoulder to the leg.
If you have a difference greater than 5 cm from the standard or average size you may need a shorter or longer swimsuit top . You can check it with our Kinibe measuring tape.

If you have any doubts go down the Huincha Kinibe Here:

Immediate Delivery: It will be sent within 3 working days from the payment of your purchase, and will be sent according to the dispatch you choose at checkout.

Mockup or pre-order: It has a preparation time of around 15 days with defined shipping days. Orders paid between the 1st and the 15th of each month will be delivered on the last business day of the same month. If you buy the day 16 to 30/31 will be sent on the 15th of the following month. After that period, the shipping time you have selected at the time of checkout or payment of your product runs.

Remember that the fabric of swimsuits is elastic so it is better that you fit more tightly than loose.

Limited stock products until stock is depleted.
Maximum number of units per size is 5.
All products are manufactured in Chile.
Do you want it now? Look for it in Yegua, @yeguatienda
Caupolicán 475, local 9, Barrio Italia, Santiago de Chile

Quick Size Guide:

XS < / td> S M L XL
BUST 76-79 CM 84 -87 CM 91-94 CM 99-102 CM 108-111 CM
WAIST 57-60 CM 64-67 CM 71-74 CM 80- 83 CM 87-90 CM
HIP 80-83 CM 87-90 CM 95-98 CM 103-106 CM 112-115 CM
LONG (ONLY BATH SUITS) 65-68 CM 70-74 CM 75-77 CM 78-80 CM 81-83 CM

Exterior fabric Polyester 89% Spandex 11%
Linen Polyester 100%
Manufacturing Time 15 días hábiles
Talla XS (36 aprox) Busto 76-79 CM | Cintura 57-60 CM | Cadera 80-83 CM | Largo Traje de Baño 65-68 CM
Talla S (38 aprox) Busto 84-87 CM | Cintura 64-67 CM | Cadera 87-90 CM | Largo Traje de Baño 70-74 CM
Talla M (42 aprox) Busto 91-94 CM | Cintura 71-74 CM | Cadera 95-98 CM | Largo Traje de Baño 75-77 CM
Talla L (48 aprox) Busto 99-102 CM | Cintura 80-83 CM | Cadera 103-106 CM | Largo Traje de Baño 78-80 CM
Talla XL (50 aprox) Busto 108-111 CM | Cintura 87-90 CM | Cadera 112-115 CM | Largo Traje de Baño 81-83 CM