KINIBE is an independent brand that wants to celebrate design, illustration, our pop idols and our culture. We create basic line products so that it becomes a canvas to represent our ideas through suggestive and entertaining images.

The idea of Kinibe was born under the concern of creating powerful images and exposing them through an entertaining product such as swimsuits that become part of a second skin so that you express your identity through design. Kinibe invites you to be whatever you want with Kini-Be rock, Kini-Be sexy, Kini-Be power!

The main thing within Kinibe is the textile design, which is stamped on the fabric. Our products are inspired by movies, music, series and contemporary themes of pop culture. The idea is to reflect our love for cult films and the music we love.
We are focused on creating high quality products; that's why we select the best fabrics and designs created 100% by us. We use high quality elasticated fabric, all our swimsuits are 100% lined which gives greater firmness and creates a better contour for your body.