Body Manga larga Night Sky

$20.000 CLP

Body Long Sleeve Night Sky

Low-cut rounded neck

Middle neckline on the back. You can use it with a bra underneath.

You can choose the desired recess if you want to Tail less so you do not notice when using it with leggings or some very tight pants or normal underwear for comfort.

You can also choose if you prefer it below with pins or closed

Product on demand

Manufacturing time 15 business days

Quick Size Guide:

BUST 76-79 CM < td> 84-87 CM 91-94 CM 99-102 CM 108-111 CM
WAIST 57-60 CM 64-67 CM 71-74 CM 80-83 CM 87-90 CM
HIP 80-83 CM < / td> 87-90 CM 95-98 CM 103-106 CM 112-115 CM
LONG (ONLY BATH SUITS) 65-68 CM 70-74 CM 75-77 CM 78-80 CM 81-83 CM