Summer is fast approaching and with it the shorts season. In this post we leave you the 10 best tips to show off your favorite garment for hot days.

Short Flag

1.- Wear your high-top shorts with a croptop

If you still do not dare to join the fashion of croptops and bralettes, try to use them together with high-waisted shorts. These two pieces are the perfect mix, as they will highlight your figure without showing more than necessary.

2.- The shoes make the difference

You can use the same shorts for different occasions simply by changing the shoes you wear. A black shorts with white sneakers is perfect for day to day. If you wear the same shorts with sandals with studs you will have an ideal outfit for summer nights.

3.- Moment of relaxation

If you want a more relaxed look your shorts with a basic white shirt will be perfect for a day where you do not want to spend more than 5 minutes thinking about what to wear. Add your favorite bag and sunglasses and you're ready to go.

4.- Do you want to see yourself a little taller?

By raising the cut of your shorts to the waist you will see yourself immediately taller. Thanks to this cut your legs look longer and more stylized and your waist more marked, which makes your figure more proportionate. These factors will achieve the visual effect that you measure a few centimeters more.

5.- Dare with some printed shorts

If you want an original look go a step further and opt for a shorts with print, you can use with a blouse or shirt of a plain color, so your look will call the view of all.

Black Short

6.- Let's go to the beach!

Nothing more comfortable than wearing your bikini or swimsuit with shorts to go to the beach. Add to this a transparent top and Hawaiian, so your beach outfit will be complete.

7.- Play with oversized blouses!

For the cooler summer evenings, dare to add an oversized open blouse to cover the beach wind. This together with your shorts will make your look look casual and super cool.

Short Black Spandex

8.- Do you want to exploit a more rocker look?

Play it with shiny black shorts. You can use them with a shirt of your favorite band and a few bototos. This outfit is perfect for concerts or gigs.

9.- Bathing suit for the day to day

Wear your favorite KiniBE swimsuit with your shorts! Give a spin to the use you give your swimsuit, not only serves you for the beach, but also for day to day or go dancing, so you will give your look a unique style.

10.- Confidence!

Sometimes wearing shorts can give us a bit of embarrassment, either because we are not tanned yet, because they can shout things on the street or because we feel we are not in shape. Forget about all that, dress as you please and enjoy being nice and comfortable.

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