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Dirty Dancing

$50.000 CLP

Keyboard Cat

$50.000 CLP

Greatest Love

$50.000 CLP


Kinibe Shop is a brand that wants to celebrate design, illustration, our pop idols and our culture. We create products of basic line so that it becomes a canvas to represent our ideas through suggestive and entertaining images.

We are focused on creating high quality products; This is why we select the best fabrics and designs created 100% by us.
Digital printing
As a brand we have decided to have mainly digitally printed products.

Digital printing Is to show a preview of the product where the design of the fabric is digitally placed on the sample of the product in white.
The purpose of digital printing is to avoid overproduction and exploitation of resources or people indiscriminately, which Allows us to deliver a more ecological and sustainable product.This way our system is to work on the basis of products to order, offering a wider range of sizes and designs, and even products made to measure. All our products are original, handmade and locally.